Back again….

Hi everybody! Wondering where I have been?

In the great state of New Jersey…hanging out with family. I was “off the grid” for a week. My aunt’s house didn’t have internet and my cell really sporadic have service…go figure. It was actually a nice break.

I have read all the myths that you all wrote…. SOME…or most of you did not write them. The ones that were written were HILARIOUS, well-written, and extremely creative. I am so proud of you all for what you accomplished.

This week we are going to start our unit on the Holocaust. It fits that this begins with Passover and Easter…it is a wonderful time to reflect, learn from the past, and go on and rebuild. We will be journeying through some difficult lessons of the past and hopefully become better people as we learn from them.

See you all tomorrow.

HS 🙂

15 thoughts on “Back again….

    • It is a tough subject, but extremely important to study. Think…what do we learn from the lessons of history, the good and the bad?

  1. Hi Mrs Seeley
    We are the Brilliant Bloggers from Scotland and we came across your blog as part of the count out three game in the student blogging challenge.

    You have a lot of associated blogs linked to this blog. My goodness you must spend a lot of time visiting and commenting on blogs!!

    Your blog header image is breath taking and we really like the name of your blog.

    Miss Docherty and The Brilliant Bloggers
    Count out three game –

    • Hi Miss Docherty! I am so glad you found us! I do have to spend a lot of time reading student blogs, but they are enjoyable.

      My header? It is an image I took last summer when visiting someone very special, it was at Swami’s Beach in California. Absolutely breathtaking, isn’t it?

      Where in Scotland are you? My sister lived near Edinburgh for awhile some time ago. Her pictures of the area are beautiful.

  2. You know, Hitler always had that funny-looking mustache…. just saying.. What did you think of MY myth, Mrs. Seeley? ….. Specifically. Anything made better or anything?

    • BTW, Leah, it reminded me of Taoism in the way she showed her strength, without using anger. I was reminded of a quote about how when you try to hit a cork floating in water…it bounces back at you. But if you leave it…and guide it, what happens then?

    • In the same text/htiml widget…use the image insert command before your image. Go ahead and put the image in before or after your text 🙂

  3. Darshil to the rescue!!!!! Do you need another long paragraph on how to put picture in the text box. Mrs. Seeley just put a short explanation down. I can give you a very detailed paragraph…..

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