Aspiring to new heights

We are testing next week…the ACT Aspire. Monday is writing and reading. The seventh graders will be writing a timed expository essay. Please practice writing a sentence outline and an essay. Students will be given a pre-writing sheet and lined paper in the booklet to complete their essay. Good luck all.

Star Readers

Star Reading scores are being sent home with the children. Please look over the Star scores. I am so proud of my students for the growth they showed. Wow. They worked hard!


Also…If you have not registered on InfoSnap…please do so asap. Students who are registered will be rewarded with an 8th period Jam Session to relax and have fun.

Myth myth myth….

We have been studying mythology in English…learning about the different types of heroes and the monomyth. We even learned about the “anti-hero”…

The three types of heroes:





Don’t forget the clock…the monomyth.

What happens at 12:00?





And then a midnight????

Check EDMODO calendar!

Students: CHECK THE EDMODO calendar for daily homework assignments.This week we started mythology…woo hoo…one of my favorite things to teach.

:) HS

Countdown to TESTING

Only a few more days till testing begins.

The STAR reading test is April 14th.

ACT Aspire is the week of May 5th.

Benchmark testing is the week of May 12th.


Read read read and refresh your skills!


Yearbook is going to start blogging…look for links to their blogs as soon as they get online!

Falling leaves and such…

It is that time of year…the leaves are falling and there is a crispness in the air. Football games are being played. The holidays are quickly coming upon us.

A few reminders about what is happening in here…room 32.


We have been writing writing writing.  If it seems that we have written many are right! We have. I am seeing tremendous growth from the students. We have moved from being able to write a sentence…to a paragraph…to a complete, well-written essay. If you haven’t seen Write to Learn…look at it. It is a great writing tool.

We have also read “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Yes…seventh graders have conquered Poe! I am so proud of them. We are going to look at textual evidence next with the news accounts of “The Bell Witch.”  Is it a true story or a myth?

Students were to read a mystery book in the month of October. We are going to have our mystery book talk on Monday, November 4th. Students need to come to class prepared to present their book to the class. They can make a dvd case, a book jacket, a poster, or a Prezi or powerpoint. The sky is the limit! I am looking forward to hear about all of the books they read.

Keep smiling and keep reading.

:) HS

Magical Mystery Month!

October. Magic is in the air. The leaves are falling and the air is turning crisp….

Here’s our October happenings:

Spirit Week and “Homecoming” Game against Challenger October 14th. Yes, I will be there!

In class we are reading mysteries…beginning with “The Tell Tale Heart” and then working in non-fiction with Alabama Ghosts by my favorite storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham.

The Maple Hill cemetery stroll is October 13th from 2:00-4:30. This is a fabulous event where you can hear first hand the stories of Huntsville’s “residents” of Maple Hill Cemetery. It is one of my favorite events and I hope all who can do attend. (extra credit will be given…so GO!)

AR: READ READ READ. Check your progress in AR and see how close you are to meeting your goal this nine weeks. Every student has a different goal based on 15 minutes of independent reading a day…we can do it!

Mystery Book: Read a mystery book this month and be prepared to present a “book talk” on November 4th.


Lots of goings on in class!!!!

Happy October!

:) HS


Almost October

October is my favorite month…it is my birthday, the leaves begin to fall, and then there is Halloween.



What is your favorite mystery? Scary story? I know we all love them!



:) HS

Literally, Figuratively….Metaphorically?

Sometimes I wonder if we are speaking literally, figuratively, or metaphorically…

When I say I am back to square one, am I really going back to square one….or starting over?

When do we  take things literally? When should we connect the dots and figure them out on our own?

Ahhhh…the world of metaphors, similes, and idioms….

Without them, where would our language be?


This week we are focusing on figurative language!

Have a happy week!

:) HS